abstract dream

With Regret . . .

. . . we announce that this was our last edition of RUNES, A Review of Poetry. When ‘Lyn Follett and I first explored this project, we told ourselves we’d do it for five years. Over those years, RUNES grew into an anthology in which we take great pride and into a community of poets about whom we care deeply. Many of these poets came to know each other better through the pages of RUNES or through RUNIC connections, such as readings on both coasts, gatherings at AWP, workshops and such.

At the end of five years, we decided to go for six and then for seven. But time’s hoary face and the candle count on our birthday cakes have made us aware we need to return to our own work, maybe even lie down occasionally in a meadow and chew a blade of grass. So this is it. You’re holding it: Lucky Number Seven.

It’s no accident that this, our last RUNES anthology has “Connection” as its theme. Community, as stressed above and again here, has always been important at RUNES. Of course, the poems themselves come first, but after that, one of our major goals has been to treat other poets as we wish to be treated when we submit our poems. We wanted to create a kind of virtual extended family. Have we succeeded? Only you can tell us that. But now we’d like to thank you, one and all – the RUNES family & community!

All seven  covers of RUNES, A review of Poetry