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Some Anthology Publications

Border Lines, Poems of Migration, editors Mihaela Moscaliuc and Michael Waters 2020

Reel Verse, Poems About the Movies, editors Harold Schecter and Michael Waters, Alfred A. Knopf, 2019

Best American Poetry 2015, guest editor Sherman Alexie, editor David Lehman, Scribner Poetry, 2015

Pushcart Prize XXXI, editor Bill Henderson, Best of the Small Presses, Pushcart Press, 2007

AMERICA, We Call Your Name, editor Murray Silverstein. Sixteen Rivers Press, 2018

Fire and Rain: Ecopoetry of California, editors Lucille Lang Day and Ruth Norton, Scarlet Tanager Press, 2018

Weaving the Terrain, 100 Word Southwestern Poems,
editors David Meischen & Scott Wiggerman, 2017

The Doll Collection, editor Diane Lockward, Terrapin Books, 2016

Bearing the Mask, editors Scott Wiggerman & Cindy Huyser, Dos Gatos Press, 2016

San Francisco Peace and Hope, editor Elizabeth Hack, Edition One Books, 2015

Flash Fiction Funny, editor by Tom Hazuka, Blue Light Press, 2013

What Matters, editor Richard Krawiec, Jacar Press 2013

Classifieds, An Anthology of Prose Poems, editor Ellen Clay, Equinox Publishing, 2012

Collecting Life: Poets on Objects Known and Imagined, editors Madelyn Garner and Andrea L. Watson, A Taos Press, 2011

Wingbeats: Exercises & Practice in Poetry, editors by Scott Wiggerman & David Meischen, Dos Gatos Press, 2011

What's Nature Got to Do with Me? edited by Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb and Terril L. Shorb, Native West Press, 2011

Everything Indicates, Bay Bridge Poems & Portraits, editors Tamsin Smith, Elissa G. Perry, and Ben Davis, Words Pictures Ideas, 2011

Chapter & Verse, Poems of Jewish Identity, Conflux Press, 2011

New Poets of the American West, edited by Lowell Jaeger, Many Voices Press, 2010

When She Named Fire, An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry by American Women, editor Andrea Hollander Budy, Autumn House 2009

White Ink, Poems on Mothers and Motherhood, editor Rishma Dunlop, Demeter Press, 2007

Dorothy Parker’s Elbow, editors Kim Addonizio & Cheryl Dumesnil, Warner Books, 2002