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Norman Dubie:
Susan Terris’s new and selected poems is described best in the surprising way its images align as proofs of story with and against voice. Sometimes the voice is made missile with the oddest lyric arc and target. These are strongly meditative poems. This is a wonderful book.

Shirley Kaufman:
There seems to be no limit to the range of experience and empathy in the far-reaching poems of Susan Terris. Out of a life passionately lived and remembered, she has constructed a bold map for survival and self-understanding. Her wisdom, dazzle of language, imaginative exploration of time and nature, and amazing appetite for risk and "dark surprise."

David St. John:
Susan Terris's poetry is exquisite and extraordinary. Her poems exhibit an intellectual verve and a linguistic brilliance that are remarkable. There are fewpoets who can so deftly orchestrate the dramatic dilemmas of the daily with the profound wisdoms of the larger world.

Ronald Wallace:
Susan Terris teases out the terror of the everyday, the elegies for all our lost selves. She is a true original, a remarkable, remarkable poet.

Eleanor Wilner:
As the whorls of a fingerprint mark a singular identity, so with the poems of Susan Terris, whose twisting, whirling lines trace the dissolving trail of a restless self, obsessed, unmoored, “lines of uncertainty arrowing off in all directions.” Hers is a stinging insight, a high energy, diamond-hard compression; a mind unsatisfied, meteoric, myth-seeking, voicing our contemporary “age of un-innocence,” unable to believe in what it needs.

Li-Young Lee:
These poems are our fondest human wishes and hopes given voice. They report the world’s abundance and richness even amid loss and pain.